About Marilisa Conese Gordon

Marilisa Conese Gordon

Dr Mag, MSc, GMBPsS


A psycholinguist with a solid background in persuasive communication, behaviour modification, and the psychology of influence, Marilisa has almost two decades’ experience in helping businesses and individuals reach their most ambitious goals. 
A seasoned leader operating as a sales, marketing and service delivery professional since 2004, she has successfully leveraged her experience and expertise to co-found and grow three UK-based businesses, while successfully delivering business projects to global corporations and SMEs alike.

In addition to her work at Gordon & Franklin, she also operates as a consultant and coach, delivering business consulting, personal branding services and leadership coaching to help businesses and individuals achieve their most ambitious goals. She has a proven track record in identifying and capitalising on individual and organisational strengths to create enduring internal and external change.

Areas of Expertise


Leveraging her deep expertise in psychology and communication, Marilisa assists organisations in crafting strategic initiatives that drive substantial business growth and operational efficiency, aligning closely with market demands and company objectives.


A seasoned leader and co-founder of multiple UK businesses, she empowers other executives and leaders, fostering a culture of innovation and robust leadership within diverse organisational frameworks. 


With her rich background in the psychology of influence, Marilisa excels in developing communication strategies that effectively influence stakeholder perceptions and decisions, ensuring alignment with the company’s strategic goals and enhancing stakeholder engagement.


Through personalised coaching sessions, Marilisa empowers business leaders and teams to unlock their potential, align personal goals with corporate strategies, and navigate complex business landscapes successfully.


Drawing from her extensive background in sales, marketing, and service delivery, Marilisa ensures that all client engagements are managed to the highest standards, enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty.


Her operational acumen allows her to streamline business processes, optimise resource allocation, and ensure that project deliverables meet the high standards expected by global corporations and SME clients alike.



As seasoned lader, Marilisa has masterfully guided the strategic direction and operations of several UK businesses. In her capacity as Managing Partner, she has been instrumental in driving expansion, fostering vital partnerships, and ensuring the highest standards of service delivery. Her strategic foresight and robust leadership skills have been pivotal in ensuring the ongoing success and sustainability of these organisations.


With two decades of expertise in psycholinguistics and persuasive communication, Marilisa has been instrumental in reshaping the strategic landscapes of global corporations and SMEs. Her approach integrates deep psychological insights with practical business strategies, enabling her to drive significant improvements in business performance and influence. Her consultancy work focuses on aligning business operations with market trends and maximizing stakeholder engagement through effective communication.


As a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach, Marilisa has excelled in personal and professional coaching, helping individuals and corporate leaders unlock their potential and achieve ambitious goals. Her coaching methodology blends strategies from psychology, business management, and human behaviour to provide transformative insights and actionable advice. Her sessions are tailored to foster leadership qualities that are crucial for navigating the complexities of modern business environments.

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